A dark, intoxicating, oxygen hungry monster comprised of thundering guitars, sub bass

lines, slow relentless beats and sampled vocals from obscure esoteric


Blackwood is the solo doom dub project of Eraldo Bernocchi .

Uniquely, Blackwood also gives voice to musical instruments made from the bones of the dead.

Blackwood is the place where all childhood dreams end, devoured by those who fail to

understand the wishes of a brighter future. It’s the ice pick wielded by a cold God and

guaranteed to strike even the most innocent : “Believe in Me and you’ll be blind”.

Blackwood is the place where all Bernocchi’s nightmares have relocated, a place where

the smell of burning wood is omnipresent, and where scythes and ropes yield sparse

comfort for any inhabitants.

The forthcoming debut album from Blackwood “As the world rots away” is set for releaseon Subsound Records in 2016.

Comprising of 6 tracks (with CD bonus tracks) on both CD and vinyl formats, release date will be January 21st as well live debut at the London Underworld as Obake Opener.

Bone trumpets will summon the ritual live Blackwood experience where doom crushing

riffs meet walls of deep down tuned drones and earth shaking bass lines. For maximum

impact, Bernocchi (laptop and guitars) will be joined on stage by Jacopo Pierazzuoli

(Obake, Morkobot) on drums.

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